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Belton Lane Primary School

Belton LanePrimary School

Year 6 - Mrs Atter and Mrs Wojciak


Hi everyone, we hope that you are safe ad well. Below you will find some websites that might help with the work that you are doing at home.

Grammarsaurus youtube channel - on here you will find lots of catchy songs to help with your punctuation and grammar work.

BBC Bitesize - lots of great info plus videos to explain things for you

These are good for research!

Maths games and activities

I hope these will be of help.


Stay safe everyone

Mrs A

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Spring 1 - Natural Disasters

Spring 2 - France

During the first part of the spring term, year 6, will be finding out about the devastating effects that natural disasters can have on our world. Exploring earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding and tsunamis will form part fo their geography work and also connect in with their literacy as they will write their own non-chronological report about Natural Disasters. They will explore the differen type of plate boundary using biscuits and jam whilst in science they will have to prove that light travels in straight lines using only a torch and som building blocks!

A healthy body = a healthy mind is our year 6 motto and we will start to engage in some Joe Wicks HIIT sessions to up our heart rates and look at the science behind exercise and the effect that it can have on our body and mind!


After half term, we will take a short trip across the English Channel to France, where we will study "Les Miserables" and write persuasive leaflets to try and entice visitors to Paris. French architecture and the language will feature heavily as will French cuisine.   


Homework will start to increase from February half term to ensure the children are ready for the expectations of secondary school. As always, any issues with homework encourage the children to come and talk to us about it!

Reading - every night at least half an hour please! The reading spine books have been handed out and the children have activity sheets a school which they can do once they have finished a text!

Spellings - Tests will be on a Friday!

Times Tables - There will be "surprise" tests throughout the year! 

It is really important that you learn your times tables so if you do not know them inside out, back to front and upside down (and the related division facts) then please, please, please, pretty please learn them! It will help you so much!


Wednesday afternoon is our designated PE session but please ensure you have your kit in school every day as you never know when we may find five minutes to have a run about!

A healthy body = a Healthy mind is a our focus for PE!