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Belton Lane Primary School

Belton LanePrimary School

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

5S will be taught by Miss Butters (5S) and Miss Bremner will teach 5B. Both classes will be supported by Mrs Wojciak and Mrs Holdford throughout the year. 

We are really looking forward to working with you all this year.

Our Exciting Year Ahead!

Autumn Term

During this term, we will be learning about Ancient Greece! Our English work will start by exploring Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief! This exciting tale of a half-blood, half-god will be a great introduction to the heroes of Greek mythology and all the Gods! We will study Ancient Greek people and find out about life in the cities. We will study Theseus and the Minotaur and write our own myths. In poetry, the children will look at a orangef poems about Greek Mythology.     

In science, we will start with exploring different materials and their properties and carry out fair scientific tests to find the best carrier bags! We will learn about filtering, solutions and evaporation - exploring how to separate solids and liquids.  

Spring Term

In the Spring term, our history will focus on World War II. Exploring the effects of the war through the experience of child evacuees, Goodnight Mr Tom will give us a great insight into the life of children. Beyond the Lines, a short film about a soldier in WWII, will also be used as a stimulus for our writing. In history, we will explore the part that Grantham and the surrounding areas played in the war especially the famous Dambusters raid which was co-ordinated from our very own St Vincents, in Grantham.  

In science, we will be looking at forces, carrying out experiments to test and measure different forces. They will also be looking into the life cycles of plants and animals.

Summer Term

In the Summer term, children will be basing their Geography topic on rainforests. They will learn all about where rainforests are and how they came to be. In English we will be debating climate issues, researching the importance of rainforests and persuading the preservation of forested areas around the globe.  

In science, they will be using their knowledge of scientific investigations and applying it to the testing of different changes. They will look at reversible and irreversible changes and recording their results in a range of ways. They will also be learning about growing up and growing old, which links to a literacy unit where they explain the process of growing up.


Our PE days up to October half term are Tuesday and Thursday!

Please make sure you have your kit in school on these days! We might be outside so joggers and a jumper are a necessity in the wonderful British weather! 

Earrings MUST be completely removed for PE - taping them will not be allowed.


We will send homework on a Thursday.

Guided reading - to be completed and returned on, or before Tuesday. 

Spellings - to be learnt and tested weekly. Please see Seesaw for your test day. 

Reading - Active Learn allows the children to practise their comprehension skills. It is imperative that they complete their active learn as well as read books from home, the classroom book corners or the library. 

If you can find time to read with your child that would be a great help. All children should be reading out loud, to an adult, wherever possible. This helps with their comprehension, fluency and expression.   

Multiplication Tables

All children have a TTRS log in, and they will be tested weekly on their multiplication tables. We have asked the children to take responsibility for learning their multiplication tables. You NEED to know them for year 6!  

Music Lessons

We are very lucky to have Mrs Atkinson from th music service teaching our music lessons every week. When instruments are issued, they need to be in school every week for the lessons. We also ask that your practice regularly! This is an amazing opportunity let's make the most of it! 


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