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Belton Lane Primary School

Belton LanePrimary School


Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions that we hope will be useful:

What are the ethos and values of the school?

At Belton Lane Primary School we aim to create a happy, encouraging and challenging environment where we strive for the highest standards of teaching and learning and where we help our children to achieve their full potential.

We value our caring, friendly atmosphere within which we expect high standards of behaviour and good manners. We believe that we share these values with our parents and the community at large. To this end we encourage all our parents to join the Home/School Partnership and take an active part in their child’s education.

What do I do if my child is ill?

We urge parents to send their children to school regularly, except, of course, when they're ill. In such circumstances a quick telephone call to school explaining your child’s illness (followed by a brief note of explanation when well enough to return to school) will avoid any unnecessary worry.Fever | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD

The school operates a policy of `first day contact’ for children who are absent. This means that unless we hear from you, we will telephone home on the first day your child is absent, just to make sure that he/she is safely at home with you. We have to record all absences, which are unexplained, so it is vital that we know why any child is absent. 

If your child is taken ill during the school day then the school office will contact you to come and collect your child. Please ensure that we have up to date contact details for all emergency contacts for your child.

Can my child cycle to school?

Children can ride their bike to school. In order to ensure the safety of pedestrians (especially toddlers), both children and adults are asked NOT to ride their bicycles within the school grounds.

We now have a lockable cycle storage facility but would remind parents that the school cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any cycle brought to school. Cycle roadworthiness is the responsibility of parents. We would like all cyclists to follow the Lincolnshire Policy of wearing a cycle helmet.

When are the parents' evenings?

Parents' Evenings are usually held twice a year, once during the Autumn Term and one in the Spring term. In the Summer Term, a written report is presented. Parents are encouraged to attend to see their child's work and discuss his/her progress.Hacton News: Parents' Evening Reminder

Apart from these chances to exchange views and information with your child's class teacher, a note or telephone call will readily secure an appointment to see him/her at any time. The most convenient time to see the teachers is at the end of the day when they are not teaching their class.

How can I help my child?

1. Talk to him/her and listen too.

2. Listen to him/her read and read to him/her.

3. Ask about his/her day at school.

4. Help, if needed with spellings, multiplication tables etc.

5. Let him/her undertake certain shopping tasks and handle easy sums of money.

6. Let him/her help in cooking with weighing and timing.

7. Play games that involve any kind of adding, counting, rhymes etc.

8 Encourage him/her to participate in school clubs and activities.

9. Help him/her use reference books to answer questions or follow up interests and ideas.

10. Expect a high standard of behaviour, manners and obedience - we do!

11. Show that you care about his/her progress at school and show interest and give praise where it is due.

What are the behaviour expectations?

The pupils of Belton Lane School are expected to behave in a considerate way towards each other and to adults both in and out of school. They learn the importance of respecting both other people and their property.

Each class has its own set of rules, which are defined by the children themselves at the beginning of the school year and are designed to ensure that children can learn and teachers can teach.

Parents can see quickly if children are behaving well in school through the home school diary system. Children who consistently work hard will be rewarded with a trip at the end of the year. Incentives for good class attendance are also presented during the year.

We believe that praise and encouragement will foster, nurture and maintain high standards of behaviour. However, we recognise that not all children respond to such a positive regime and in such circumstances sanctions have to be applied.

Teachers are always pleased to discuss their behaviour management strategies with parents