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Belton Lane Primary School

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The law entitles every child of compulsory school age to an efficient, full-time education suitable to their age, aptitude, and any special educational need they may have. It is the legal responsibility of every parent to make sure their child receives that education either by attendance at a school or by education otherwise than at a school.

Attendance clipart attendance book, Attendance attendance book ... This is essential for pupils to get the most out of their school experience, including their attainment, wellbeing, and wider life chances. The pupils with the highest attainment at the end of key stage 2  have higher rates of attendance over the key stage compared to those with the lowest attainment.

Where parents decide to have their child registered at school, they have an additional legal duty to ensure their child attends that school regularly. This means their child must attend every day that the school is open, except in a small number of allowable circumstances such as being too ill to attend or being given permission for an absence in advance from the school.


We expect the following from our pupils:

• That they attend school regularly.

• That they arrive on time and prepared for the day.

• That they will tell a member of staff about a problem or reason that may prevent them from attending school.

We expect the following from parents:

• To ensure their children attend school regularly and punctually.

• To ensure that they contact the school as soon as is reasonably practical on each day their child is unable to attend school.

• To ensure their children arrive at school prepared for the school day.

• To not book family holidays in term-time.

Parents and pupils can expect the following from school:

• Regular, efficient and accurate recording of attendance.

• Early contact with parents when a pupil fails to attend school without providing good reason and the prompt implementation of the procedures outlined in this policy.

• Recognition and rewards for good and improved attendance.

Family Holidays/Leave of Absence

Parents should not book family holidays in term time. Research shows that any term time absence can significantly affect the progress and learning outcomes for your child and should be avoided. Parents do not have an entitlement to remove their child/children from school during term-time. If a parent wishes to apply for a leave of absence due to exceptional circumstances, they should put this in writing and submit to the Head Teacher at least four weeks in advance of the period for which leave is to be requested.

The Head Teacher will then contact the parent/s to discuss the request as soon as possible following the receipt of the application of leave of absence. Parents are advised not to book a leave of absence prior to contact from the Head Teacher. In these circumstances, each request will be considered individually and will take into account the exceptional circumstance, the age of the child, previous attendance patterns, the educational progress and learning outcomes of the child and parental views. Any meeting to discuss a request for term-time absence may be attended by a Governor depending on the circumstances as described above. Requests for authorised leave of absence are likely only to be granted in exceptional circumstances.